Information: Accident Bristenstock 23th September 2018


On Sunday the 23th September 2018 a mountain guide from Montanara Bergerlebnisse climbed with a group to the top of the Bristenstock in Canton Uri, Central Switzerland via the northeast ridge. The group successfully reached the summit and enjoyed the beautiful warm autumn day. However, a tragic accident occurred on the decent, at the very end of the northeast ridge, close to point 2374. One of the participants slipped on the path and fell down a steep and rocky slope; suffering serious injuries. The Rega crew arrived quickly but sadly could only determine death. The group, as well as the mountain guide, were then looked after by a Care Team.



We would like to express our deepest condolences to the relatives of the deceased. In these difficult times, we wish the participants comfort. We sincerely thank all the other Teams who helped (Rega crew, Police and Uri Care Team).


Alex Gisler, certified Ski- and Mountain Guide, owner of Montanara Bergerlebnisse, on behalf of the whole Montanara team