General Terms and Conditions of Montanara Bergerlebnisse AG

Courses and tours will be referred to in the following text as “courses”. The masculine form will be used throughout.


The wording of the German original shall take precedence.


Prerequisites for participation:
Good health is necessary to take part on all courses. All equipment must meet the CE marking standard. Clients must meet the fitness and technical standards required for each course, as detailed in the detailed course itinerary. It is a requirement that clients inform the office staff of Montanara Bergerlebnisse AG (hereafter named as Montanara Ber-gerlebnisse) or the mountain guide / hiking guide of any health problems that exist before the course or arise during the course. All instructions given by the mountain guide / hiking guide must be followed at all times.
If a client does not meet these prerequisites, the mountain guide / trainee mountain guide / hiking guide is permitted to exclude the said client from the course at any point. Such an exclusion does not satisfy the conditions to claim a reimbursement.


A course may be booked electronically (internet), by telephone, or by using the official booking form. At the time of booking, the client will be made aware of the General Terms and Conditions publicized on the homepage or At the time of booking, the client and Montanara Bergerlebnisse enter into a contract governed by the General Terms and Conditions. Upon receiving the booking, Montanara Bergerlebnisse will send the client a written confirmation with detailed information and a bill.
After booking, the name, address and telephone number of the client will appear on the list of participants for the cho-sen course. In order to protect the environment, clients will receive a participant list by email shortly before the course starts. Clients must inform us if they do not agree to this.


Detailed itinerary:
With the booking acknowledgement, the client will receive a detailed itinerary with equipment list. Please read this thoroughly.
The detailed itinerary of all courses can be found and downloaded from our homepage or


The detailed itinerary contains an equipment list. Clients may hire equipment from us if needed. The hire prices are listed in the detailed itinerary. Please order hire equipment at the latest 3 days before the course begins from the Montanara Bergerlebnisse office- telephone + 41 41 878 12 59, email
For beginners, it is recommended to gain experience at first with hired equipment before making a purchase. Ask our mountain guides for advice before buying.
Equipment should not be older than 10 years. If the mountain guide has doubts about the condition of equipment, the client can be excluded from the course, with no grounds for reimbursement.


Payment is due at least 30 days before the course commences and should be transferred to the bank account of Montanara Bergerlebnisse.


Where applicable, VAT-tax is already included in the stated price.


Inclusions / Exclusions:
The course price includes the expertise of the mountain guide and half board accommodation, as detailed in the itinerary. Accommodation in hotels is based on two people sharing a double room.
When accommodation is in SAC huts or other alpine club huts, clients who are not SAC members, or members of an equivalent alpine club, will need to pay a small additional fee.
Lunch, snacks, return travel costs to the meeting point, possible expenses for taxis, cable cars, ski lifts, bus fares, trains, or sharing private transport (from meeting point to the course location) are not included in the course price, and must be paid for by the client.


Single rooms:
Single room accommodation, where available, can usually be arranged and the supplementary cost must be paid by the client in cash at the hotel.
If the constellation of the group dictates that single rooms are necessary (odd number of clients, ratio of men to women etc.), the supplementary cost will be shared equally by Montanara Bergerlebnisse and the client, to be paid in cash at the hotel. This sharing of the single-room supplement by Montanara Bergerlebnisse will not apply if the client has already requested a single room.


Tour and course guides:
The courses offered by Montanara Bergerlebnisse are led by qualified mountain guides. In certain situations, easy alpine hikes and easy snow shoe tours may be led by a trainee mountain guides or a qualified hiking guide. This is in accordance with the guidelines of the Swiss Mountain Guide Association.

Travel to the course location:
Travel to the meeting point and course location may be by public transport or private car. Travel costs, including sharing private transport, are not included in the course price.


Minimum number of clients:
Each course can only take place once the minimum number of clients has been attained. A course can, however, take place with less clients. In this situation there will be a supplement that the clients will need to agree to.


Duplicate groups or multiple rope parties:
If the demand for a particular course is high, Montanara Bergerlebnisse may form a second group or rope party. This will be led by a second qualified mountain guide, or a trainee mountain guide.


Changes to the programme:
If weather conditions or safety issues dictate, Montanara Bergerlebnisse is entitled to make changes to the programme. These changes may include route and / or location changes. Additional costs incurred must be paid for by the client.


Cancellation by the client:
If the client cancels his booking, the following cancellation charges will be incurred:
From the date of the confirmation/bill up to 31 days before the course begins = 25% of the course price
30 - 21 days before the course begins = 50% of the course price
20 - 10 days before the course begins = 80% of the course price
9 - 0 days before the course begins = 100% of the course price
Written notification of the client’s wish to cancel must be sent to Montanara Bergerlebnisse.
If a client ends a course prematurely, there are no grounds for reimbursement.


Cancellation by Montanara Bergerlebnisse:
In the situation that Montanara Bergerlebnisse must cancel a course because the minimum number of participants has not been attained, the client will be informed 5 days before the course begins for courses lasting 3 days or more, and at noon the day before the course begins for courses of less than 3 days’ duration. If possible, an alternative programme will be suggested. If the client declines this alternative, the money already paid for the course by the client will be refunded. The client is not entitled to any further claims.


In extraordinary situations (situations out of the control of Montanara Bergerlebnisse, such as extreme avalanche risk,
extreme weather or severe weather warnings, an epidemic/pandemic, other acts of nature or society beyond our control). Montanara Bergerlebnisse may cancel a course at short notice or end a course prematurely. The client is entitled to a credit by Montanara, minus services already rendered. This credit may be used for a future booking with Montanara Bergerlebnisse, to be booked within 2 years. There will be no refund.



Clients are required to have adequate accident and third-party insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot provide such insurance products.


Cancellation insurance:
Adequate cancellation insurance is obligatory for all courses. Unfortunately, we cannot provide such an insurance.


Liability / Compensation:
Our highly qualified mountain guides and hiking guides do their utmost to ensure the safety of the client in the mountains. However, the mountains are dangerous places, and these dangers cannot always be foreseen. At the time of booking, the client acknowledges and accepts these dangers and waives all liability from Montanara Bergerlebnisse.


During courses, photographs and films may be made by mountain guides or other clients that depict individuals. Clients give their permission that such photographic material may be used by Montanara Bergerlebnisse. If a client is not in agreement, he must inform Montanara Bergerlebnisse, the mountain guide, and all other participants.


All legal cases, independent of the size of the claim or the nationality of the client, will be handled by the Swiss legal system. Legal domicile is Altdorf in Canton Uri.


Treks and expeditions overseas:
For treks and expeditions overseas, special terms and conditions apply, which are detailed in the respective documentation.


Version: October 2021