Important Information about our Travelling, Treks and Expeditions

All our tours are always accompanied by a certified Swiss Montanara Bergerlebnisse mountain guide, who is responsible for the tour and will look after our guests. Usually, the mountain guide will be supported by a local guide. We are committed to enforcing a small group size, which improves guest safety, comfort and enjoyment immensely. Furthermore, we pay our mountain guides the Swiss going rate. This may mean that our tour prices are sometimes more expensive than other companies. However, we are convinced that this pays off. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Montanara Bergerlebnisse Image Video Winter und Sommer


In unserem Image Video haben wir einige unserer Winter und Sommer Aktivitäten mit atemberaubenden Drohnen-Sequenzen dokumentiert. Alle Aufnahmen wurden im Kanton Uri realisiert. Lassen Sie sich nun verzaubern von unseren einzigartigen Winter und Sommer Erlebnissen in der einzigartigen Bergwelt Uris!

Montanara Image Video Winter


 Unser neuster Winter Image Film. Alle unsere Filmsequenzen stammen ausschliesslich aus dem Kanton Uri!